August 27, 2009

Lake Waconia-GHB

Sunday morning we were back on the lake at Lake Waconia. I was fishing alone today as my draw was out of town. I had been out a week ago and found a few spots that I wanted hit so I made a plan and hoped to stick with it. I was boat 2 out so I hoped I could out run a few guys to my starting spot. Well that did not happen and I had to revise my plan already. I started throwing a buzz bait over the shallow weeds on big flat. With no action I headed in to a few docks that had produced in the past. I threw a stick worm in the first boat lift and got bite as soon as it hit the water. Then nothing must not have got a good hook set. I had drifted down past the docks so I threw in behind under the walkway and got bit. Number 1 for the day in the well. I caught 6 fish on my next 7 casts. All keepers so I had my limit and culled twice and it was not even 7:00 o'clock yet. I worked down the run of docks with no more action. I had a spot with some cabbage and coon tail at the end of the run that I caught 2 on a tube. I was able to cull with 1 of them. With that I was off to hit two areas I found last week. As I pulled up I had the area to myself and it did not take long for the fish to cooperate. I pulled a 3 pounder and 2 more that were able upgrade my limit. I moved the 200 yards to the other spot and got fish there to. I was down to beaming as they were all about the same size. After working that for an hour or so I moved the 200yards back to the other side. After about 10 casts I felt the thump and set into something that just wouldn't move. My first thought was musky as last week I had a huge 45-50" fish in the same area. But as I got it out of the weeds I saw that it was a big bass. A quick one handed net job a 5.16 pound bass went in the box. My limit was starting to look good. I switched up my lure selection for awhile from a tube craw to a tube. But got nothing that would help. Back to the other spot. 2 quick ones from there with 1 going in the box. Things seemed to have slowed down. So I left to try a few other spots I had fished in the past. I caught a few but nothing that would help. So I made the call to go back to those two spots and kill the day. I was able to cull up 2 more times but by just the slightest of margins. It was finally time to head in for weigh in. I weighed in 15.10 which was enough for 1st place and my big fish was 5.16 was Big Bass. Full results here: It was a great on the water. I caught alot of fish and the weather was great. We have 1 GHB tournament left on October 3rd on Green Lake. It should be dandy. The top 4 anglers are within 4 pounds of each other and with the throw out it could be any ones game.

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