February 3, 2011


The Renegade Bassers last tournament of the year was Sept. 19th on Clearwater. There were up to 6 guys that could win Angler of the Year so the fight was on. I was holding on to the lead that I had held since the 2nd tournament of the year. I really just needed to go out and catch 5 fish and hope nobody caught a huge bag. I was paired with Guy as he was boatless still. We prefished on Sat. the day before and found two really good spots that we would hammer the next day. We had a middle of the pack take off spot and no one went our way so we got to our first spot and I took me 2 casts to break the ice and box my first fish. I was throwing a texas rigged Lake Fork Tube Craw. I proceeded to catch my limit over the next 25 minutes. Guy was struggling unable box a fish. We moved as the bite slowed to nothing and tried another spot that had produced in the past. Guy finally was able to get a fish flippin some bullrushes. We left that spot and moved to our other hot spot from Sat. I caught 1 on a frog on my first cast but it would not help. Guy then started to catch them flippin shallow cover. He was able to catch his limit and we went looking for some biggins. As the day went on the bite slowed big time. We finally moved to the bay where the access was to kill the day. We caught some fish but nothing that would help. With about 2 minutes to go Guy yelled net and I netted a 3.93 dandy for him that he was able to cull a 1 lb fish out. It was time to head to the scales and see how we all did. I weighed in 12.26 lbs that was good for 2nd place. Guy was the winner with 13.39 and had Big Bass at 3.93. With my 2nd place finish I was able to secure the Renegade Bassers "Angler of the Year" title. Guy made a charge and went from 5th to 2nd. Thanks to all the guys in the club who made our first year a success. I am already looking forward to next year and defending my title.

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  1. Congratulations on the 2nd place and for the title, looking for more similar stories.

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