December 17, 2008

2008 Fishers of Men Tournaments Review

Steve and I have fished the FOM for 2 years. The first year we fished the MN East and last year we fished the MN West. Our 2008 season started out with us fishing the 2008 FOM National Tournament on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. Our pre fishing took us about 30 miles down river to a major creek arm. We had a mixed bag of smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass. We made the run down there on the first day and we only could manage 3 fish weighing 3.05 fishing in a torrential down pour all day. It rained 7 1/2" that day. Day 2 we also ran to our first spot. But with all the rain the water was really dirty and had come up a few feet. So we decided to just run and gun fishing deep points. We only got 2 fish weighing 5.22 on day 2. We missed the cut by 3 1/2# and ended up 46th out of 135 boats.
June 7th 2008 Clearwater Lake
5 for 8.47 47th out of 49
Worst tournament of the year. Enough said.
June 21st 2008 Green Lake(Spicer)
5 for 15.82 13th out of 43
Wow We caught some nice smallies. Just couldn't find 1 that was a bit bigger to move up.
I am really looking forward to this lake in 2009.
July 19th 2008 Lake Minnetonka
5 for 13.66 29th out of 51
Just couldn't find the big bite.
August 2nd 2008 Le Homme Dieu Chain
5 for 9.63 17th out of 43
Caught a limit on our starting spot, but stayed a bit to long. We watched a boat catch 2 3 pounders off our next spot as we pulled up.
August 16th 2008 Lake Waconia
5 for 15.65 9th out of 38
We just kept working our spots and would get a good one here and there. Just not enough. We were .03 from a check.
Looking back at the year it was not to bad. We finished 10th in points and qualified for the Midwest Regional in Detroit on Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.

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