December 29, 2008

Season Review "Golden Hook Bassers" Tournaments

My best 2008 GHB bass 5.26# Clearwater

May 18th 2008 Lake Wappogasset (WI)
My worst Tournament of the year I zeroed....

June 22nd 2008 Clearwater Lake
5 for 13.01# 3rd out of 21
Flipped reeds and rushes with a Outkast jig.

July 26th 2008 Fishtrap Lake
5 for 8.83 # 15th out of 20
As they say timing is everything. Right Guy?

July 27th 2008 Lake Alexander
5 for 10.84# 4th out of 20
Just a solid day. Culling up to final weight.

August 9th 2008 Lake Washington(St. Peter)
5 for 7.10# 3rd out of 21
Found 1 stretch of docks that produced a limit on a Outkast wacky rigged stick worm.
I hope to never fish this lake again. What a cess pool.

That was my year with the GHB. I did not fish the last points tournament of the year on Rush Lake as it was when Steve and I were in Detroit. Missing that tournament and having a zero made it tough to finish well in the final standings. I did end up in 10th place for the year. I hope that is good enough to qualify for the MNBFN State TOC on Pokegama in Sept. I also want to congratulate Guy K for winning GHB Angler of the year. Way to go. Just don't make a habit of it...

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  1. Regarding Fish Trap, yes, timing means a lot and throw in a little luck. Great minds think alike. ;)