April 21, 2009

Ozark Report Part 2

On Thursday the weather turned for the worse. It started raining mid morning and got windy. The fish still bit but still on the small side. Money jigs with finesse worms or a small trailer was about all that would work. It rained most of the day with a few breaks to dry out a bit. I did catch a nice one on a Lenna Lures Pro seris spinnerbait (www.leenalures.com/spinner_pro_series38.html) in White Shad. It was still raining a bit on Friday morning and the fish just shut down. We fished till 11:30 without a bite before coming in for lunch. After lunch the rain had quit. I planned a different approach for the afternoon. I tied on a Outkast RT jig (www.outkasttackle.com/product_pages/rt.html) jig in crawdad color and a Rage trailer. It presented a lot bigger profile bait. I started to catch them right away. I spent the rest of the afternoon pitching the jig to shore then just slowly working it down the rocky slope. Most of the time they would hit it on the fall as came off the first break. We really didn't catch any big ones but had a lot of action. Saturday morning was clear and cold. Steve did all the catching on Saturday. I did not catch a fish till 7:15 that evening. Overall it was a fun trip. We all caught fish and got to fish some new water. I think if the weather had stayed stable it would have been better. A few words of advice if you go to Lake of the Ozarks. Fish during the week. Boat traffic got crazy on Saturday. My next on the water adventure will be the Wisconsin fishing opener the first Saturday in May.

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