April 16, 2009

Ozark Report

We arrived at the Rock Harbor Resort on Wed. afternoon around 4:30 after a 10 hour drive from the Twin Cities. We had spent an hour at Bass Pro Shops in the Kansas City area stocking up on fishing stuff for the upcoming year. Not enough time for a store like that. After getting unloaded and the boats in the water we hit the water for a few hours. Steve and I headed to a cove a short distance from where we were on the lake. I started throwing a spinner bait around the docks. I also had a jerk bait ready to go. As we headed toward the shallow end of the cove. I picked up my junebug Outkast Stick worm (www.outkasttackle.com/product_pages/stickworm.html.
I had it rigged wacky style and flipped it toward the outside corner of a dock. The line tightened and I set the hook into what was my best fish of the trip. She weighed just over 5 pounds. What a way to start the trip and the year. We continued to work around the cove till just about dark before heading back to the resort. We each caught a few more small fish on Stick worms and Money jigs with small finesse worms. We met Dave and Nick back at the resort and compared notes and they had caught some small fish as well. So it seemed we were off to a good start.

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