May 19, 2009

Just about here........

The Minnesota bass opener is just about here.... Finally It has been a long time since I have been bass fishing on the home turf. Trips to Missouri and Wisconsin have helped but it just not the same as driving down the road and being on the water chasing the green fish. Saturday I was able to sneak away from home for an hour or so and run the boat for the first time this year. I ran the way it was supposed to. Everything worked and it should be ready to go on Saturday. I will spend 2 days prefishing for tournaments the following weekend. I hope to spend a day on Clearwater prefishing for the FOM. The other day I hope to be on Syliva/Twin giving it a go for a GHB club tourney. Monday will be a little closer to home for a few hours on my favorite lake. For all of going out on Saturday good luck. I will post a report next week.

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