May 7, 2009

Wisconsin Opener Days 2 & 3

Day 2 found us back on the new secret lake. The bass continued to be very aggressive. The jig bite was on fire. Dewey and Saz and Mark and Jimmy tried the walleye thing and caught a few. We stayed on the lake till just afternoon and then left to meet up with Matt, Roger, Steve and Steve. We tried a new lake again and found it was a wasted trip. We fished for an hour and left. We all then went back to the "Nam" and finished out the day. Guy and I had our 4 fish in an hour or so and then just fished for the fun of it. Day 3 was going home day so Guy and I only planned to fish till noon. We went to secret lake again. Guy scored a 17 3/4" walleye to start the day I soon followed with a 19". The walleye bite was really slow so we headed to the bass spot. I started with 2 quick ones and a few misses. Guy just couldn't get on track on Monday. We then moved to a spot we had tried Sunday but it was so windy we just couldn't fish it right. I caught a few more there. Guy was still struggling. After talking to the crew on the water. They had done ok on the walleyes. Dewey had boated 3 walleyes and Mark finally caught a walleye a dandy 21". Jimmy caught a largemouth on a bass jig so that made his trip. Saz caught another nice smallie. By then it was time to call it a trip. This years trip was one of the better openers we have had. The fishing was outstanding. Thanks to Saz for letting us stay at the cabin. It was great to see the guys again.

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