May 5, 2009

Wisconsin Fishing Opener Day 1

Guy with a nice Wisconsin walleye
Friday evening Guy and I traveled to Cable, Wisconsin for the fishing opener with our opening day crew. This year we met up with Dewey, Saz, Mark and Jimmy. Saturday morning was soon upon us and we were on the "Nam". Guy scored the first Walleye on his second cast. We had good action for the first 2 hours and then it slowed. We had 3 of the 4 we could keep with the limit restrictions. We should had 4 but I threw one back I shouldn't have. Then we couldn't catch another under 14". After a mid morning lunch break we tried a new lake (sorry I am sworn to secrecy on the name) Guy and I were going to start bass fishing and on his 5th cast he hooked up on a 19" walleye on a DT10. He quickly followed that up with a 15" smallie and a 15" largemouth on a jig. After moving to another spot he was flipping the jig again and connected with a 23" walleye. As we moved to the wind blown end of the lake Guy just started hammering the largemouth on a jig. I finally broke the ice with a nice 17 1/2" on a RT Jig. We continued to catch them the rest of the afternoon. Saz and Dewey got in on the action as well. Dewey scored a fat 20" as well as a nice 18" largemouth and Saz caught a 18" smallie on a jerkbait.

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  1. Thanks John, aka "Hockey Extreme Net Man", for a great time! Ranks #1 in my book for our fishing openers together and high on the list of awesome fishing days.