June 3, 2009

FOM Clearwater

Saturday Steve and I fished the first tournament of the year for the Fishers of Men on Clearwater. When we got to the lake the wind was already blowing at a pretty good clip. It would continue to blow harder thru the day. We drew boat number 21 at the Friday night meeting so the wait was not to bad. We ran to our first spot that I found the Saturday before prefishing. On about my 5th cast I hooked up on a 3 pounder on a Leena Lures spinnerbait. We worked the area and on the return trip I got another on the spinnerbait. After fighting the wind there we moved to another spot. We caught a few rockies the I picked up 2 more for the well. Steve then score what was our biggest fish of the day a 3.19 largemouth on a steep drop bank. With a limit secured by 8 o'clock we could just look for big fish the rest of the day. On our next stop we were able to cull a few out. At each stop we made we caught fish. Finally the wind got the best of us and we found a bay out of the wind. With about 20 min to go, I thru a Outkast stick worm to a cluster of lilly pads and got a solid 2 3/4 fish to upgrade a bit more. It was on to weigh in we were about the 10th team to weigh and took the lead. It held up till toward the end of the first flight when we dropped to second. We stayed there till toward the end of the second flight when the team that won weighed in. So we ended up third out of 50. Our weight was 14.14 lbs. It was a huge turn around from last year as we were toward the bottom. Thanks to our sponsor's Outkast Tackle and Leena Lures. Our next stop is Green Lake in Spicer. I am already looking forward to those big smallies.