June 23, 2009

GHB Washington/Stella

The second tournament of the year was on Washington/Stella or should I say Washington. With the water so low no one could get into Stella. A couple guys tried but were unsuccessful. I had prefished the Sunday before and had a really good day locating fish. Really nice fish for that matter so I was really pumped for tournament day. I was paired with James and we were boat number 7. I ran to the spot where I had the best concentration of fish during practice. It started really slow. I finally caught my first fish toward the end of the first run on a Lake Fork Tube Craw. A few docks later I landed another. We then ran to another stretch of docks with no takers. From there we ran to some reeds where I had 2 really big fish the week before. I hooked up in the reeds with a nice fish in the reeds but it shook off when it got stuck on a reed. I ran back to near my starting spot and caught 3 quick fish to fill out my limit and James finally got a fish in the well. So went the day just running and gunning. With all 9 boats on Washington things got tight always running into someone. Aside from breaking of a really big fish on a milfoil clump the day was really uneventful. I ended the day in 12th place weighing 8.40 pounds. Jame only managed to catch 2. Congratulations to Nick for winning with 12.58 pounds and to Ozzy for catching the Big Bass with a 4.17 largemouth.

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