July 15, 2009

Back at it

After a nice 4 week break from fishing tournaments and doing a little fun fishing. Saturday we'll be back on Minnetonka fishing the 3rd stop of the Fishers of Men series. We have been out pre fishing a few times and caught fish just not the kind needed to do well on Minnetonka. We have been fishing new water and not fishing our normal stuff. We have confidence in our normal stuff that we should do ok and hope to catch enough to stay close in the point standings. Next week is the GHB two day tournament Day 1 will be on Wabana and Day 2 on Pokeagama. I have not fished either of these lakes so I am going up on Friday to spend 4 hours or so on each lake to see what they are about. The next weekend is Le Homme Deiu for Fishers of Men. It will end a long 3 week stretch of tournaments. But in Minnesota with the limited fishing weekends you have to fish them as they come. I will post results and tactics after each tournament. Keep checking back for updates. The break has been nice but am looking forward to being back on the competitive waters.

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