July 21, 2009


Saturday was the 3rd tournament of the year for the Fishers of Men. I met Steve at the Maxwell landing so we could drive across Lake Minnetonka to the take off spot at Maynards. The morning was cool and a little breezy. I drew boat number 13 at the Friday night meeting so we would not have to wait long to take off. With our game plan finalized all we had to do is wait. When our number was called we took off for our first spot. We got started and another boat just pulled in behind us and started fishing. We pulled around the other side of the point and continued to fish. Steve got us on the board with a 12" fish but that would be it there. We moved to a point we had caught some fish on pre fishing last week. We gave it a 20 minute try and didn't get a bite. We moved to another tried and true spot. The only thing we got there was a 5 pound toothy. At this point we made the decision to hit our best spot a little earlier than we wanted as it usually is a later bite there. We fished a string of docks going in. We quickly caught four 12"-13" fish to fill out our limit. But on Minnetonka you need a lot more than that. We then hit our good spot and Steve got a 3 pounder and I quickly followed with a 2 1/2. In the next hour we had culled out all the smaller fish and were getting a respectable bag. We still needed one good fish to put us where we thought we needed to be. I had that fish on but as it rolled to the surface it came unbuttoned and we were still searching. With the bite shut down there and 20 minutes to fish we had one spot to hit on the way to weigh in. We pulled up and had less than 10 minutes to fish. Steve then called for the net and soon a 3.85 largemouth was aboard. We culled out our last questionable fish and it was on to weigh in. We weighed in 15.76 pounds with a big bass of 3.85 pounds. Then the waiting started. We finally settled in the 7th spot which was a huge improvement over last year. We moved up to 3rd in points only 1 point behind 2nd and 13 points out of 1st. We put our fish in the boat using a variety of soft plastics on Outkast money jigs. Our next FOM tournament is on the Le Homme Dieu chain in Alexandria on August 1st.

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  1. Congrats again. I really enjoy reading these postings, keep 'em coming. See you on Friday.