August 6, 2009


Saturday Steve and I were on the Le Homme Dieu Chain of lakes in Alexandria for the 4th Fishers of Men tournament. On Friday we prefished to find some new spots near where we knew we would be fishing. As we moved from spot to spot we seemed to be able to catch one here one there and nothing of much size. We were focused on the weed lines and breaks. Finally we hit on a great spot 3 fish in 4 casts. They were all decent size too. A quick way point was added and off we went. Friday night at the meeting Steve drew boat 21 so we were in the 2nd flight giving us an extra 15 minutes to fish on Saturday. Saturday it really cooled off and the wind was howling when we launched the boat. After checking in we retied a few rods and waited to take off. We got to our first spot and caught 2 fish that just made 12". We then went to another spot that we usually catch at least one nice one, but nothing there either. On to the spot we had found on Friday. We filled out our limit pretty quickly there but not with the size we had caught there yesterday. I was throwing a Lake Fork tube craw texas rigged letting it settle down in the coon tail. Just dragging through and popping it once in a while. We then went and got out of the wind and went froggin for awhile. Steve got a decent one that we were able to upgrade a few ounces. We then went back to the Friday spot and finished the day there. We were catching fish and hoping we could hit on a couple good ones. I finally got a good one but was to little to late. We headed for the weigh in and weighed 8.62# which tied us for 19th place. We were able to keep our 3rd place in the standings. With 1 tournament left at the end of August on the Horseshoe Chain our chances for the title are slim but we will give it our best shot.

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