May 10, 2010

Kentucky Lake

I have been so busy that I have been letting my posts slip here. I need to take a few days and catch up on these reports. On March 30 6 of us left for Kentucky Lake. Pat P, Ken K, Guy K, Chris M, Steve and I drove the 12 hours to New Concord, KY. We stayed at the Missing Hill Resort right on the lake. Kentucky Lake is a huge body of water with tons of places to fish. We started out in the cove where the resort was located. Steve was the first to boat a Kentucky bass and I caught a gizzard shad. We were throwing a bunch of different lures just seeing what they wanted. Steve was getting bit on the Zoom lizard texas rigged and I was having success with the Zoom magnum finesse worm in Green pumpkin on a 1/8 oz Outkast Money Jig. We caught fish everywhere we stopped. We just could not get the bigger fish to bite. We basically ran that pattern all 3 days we fished. We would catch a few in the backs of coves on spinnerbaits but they were not all over it like they were the soft plastics. All in all it was a good trip. I did catch a Largemouth, Smallmouth and a Spotted bass on the trip. I think we were a week or two ahead of when the lake would have been on fire. I hope at some point to get back there it has so much potential and with the numbers of smaller fish we caught it should stay in good shape for years to come.

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