May 13, 2010

Outkast Pro Swim Jigs

As I have fallen behind on posting I remember that I had not posted the new colors for the Outkast Pro Swim Jig. The one on the left is Sexy Shad and the one on the right is Glitter Shad. Both colors are now available online from Outkast and if you are in the Metro area. Cabelas has them in the store. I usually put a Outkast Fat Tail Grub on as a trailer and fish it like a spinner bait. Just reel it in pumping the rod tip a few times to create an erratic motion. It is great for fishing through cabbage and over the top of coon tail. It also comes through pads with ease. I fish it on a 7' med rod with braided line so when you hook up it cuts through the weeds and you can get the fish out. If you have not tried a swim jig yet you are missing out on a new technique that puts fish in the boat. Take a look at Outkast website for all the colors and sizes: and for the Fat tail Grub: Give it a try and weigh the results. Remember to use the Outkast offer and get 10% off.

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