June 15, 2010


So much for improving on last years 3rd place finish. We started the day on a familiar spot that gave us four keepers. 1 was a three pounder. We mover to another spot that I caught some nice ones prefishing the week before. We did catch our fifth fish and culled one time for a small upgrade. After moving around to a few other areas we had we tried some new water and struck pay dirt. I caught three fish in three casts that all went in the well. We stayed in that area the rest of the day catching fish after fish. It got down right silly at times. In the end we were able to weigh in 13.43 pounds that was good enough for 11th place. .07 pounds out of the money. That was a tough way to end a great day on the water. Our next FOM tournament is June 19th on Green Lake in Spicer. I can't wait to get out there and tangle with the smallies.

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