October 22, 2010

RB-Lake Waconia

Sunday morning we hit Lake Waconia for the 5th Renegade Bassers tournament of the year. I was glad to be on Waconia. It is one of my favorite lakes to fish. I was needing to get some confidence back after the beating I took the day before on Rush. The was not starting out very good as the wind was howling before the sun came up. It would make it tough to fish some of mt better spots. Brian was my partner for the day. Brian grew up near the lake and he and I have spent many a day on Waconia. We started near some cabbage beds where we had both done well in the past. Nothing was working and the wind was blowing harder. I finally caught a keeper on a Outkast stick worm to break the ice. We then went to the spot where I had done so well last year. I managed to catch one on a tube craw but that was it. I wanted to try a off shore spot but lasted about 10 minutes as boat control was an issue in the wind. Back to the shorelines we went. I picked up another for the well on a jig worm. Brian had yet to put one in the box. We then moved to the cat tails to try the flippin bite. That was where Brian finally put his only fish of the day in the boat. I struggled to catch my last 2. At the scales I weighed 10.58 pounds good for 3rd place. My big bass was 2.54. The wind really controlled what we did as we could not fish the areas we wanted to. Congratulations to Pat P. for the win with 13.85 and to Ozzy with the big bass at 4.03. Our last tournament is in Sept. on Clearwater. The Angler of the Year points battle is getting close and any one of 6 guys have a shot.

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