June 24, 2011

Fun Fishing

Saturday morning I had few hours to go hit a small lake near home just to fun fish. I started out fishing deep and was not catching much at all. I moved in shallow and worked a tube around rocks. The action started to get better. I caught a 4.32 and a couple 3 lber's and a lot of smaller bass. After I had worked down the shore I went to another area I had like that and all heck broke loose. I was on them big time. As fast as I could cast out there I would get bit. The smallest fish I caught in the hour feeding frenzy was 2 1/2 lbs. The two in the picture above are 4.85 and 4.78 lbs. On my Rapala touch screen scale my 5 biggest would weigh 20.98 lbs. Not a bad few hours of fishing. I went back out on Sunday morning as well and did not do as well but still caught a couple that went over 4 lbs.

1 comment:

  1. Nice fish! Got you entered in my MN bass fishing bloggers derby again this year. If you have bigger MN fish than these this year, they will count if you let me know about them.

    Bass Pundit