June 3, 2014

Washington/Stella Renegade Bassers

My 2014 Tournament season started Saturday morning on Washington /Stella. Ryan G wash my draw partner for the day. We were boat 3 for take off and headed straight for Stella. Last week prefishing I found a bunch of nice fish that I figured would still be there. I was throwing the Outkast Tackle Swim Jig in Boldgill color with a cane thumper trailer. As I worked toward the area where I had my best bites last week my rod loaded up with the first bite of the morning it was short lived though as it jumped and came undone. Next cast loaded up again and just about had it to the boat and again it just pulled off. Next cast and again load up and set the hook a few times as I was getting a little peeved at loosing fish. As Ryan is standing there to net the fish it jumps and comes unbuttoned just out of reach. 3 casts and loose 3 fish between 3 and 4 lbs. That was going to hurt at the end of the day. I finally got one to stick a nice 3.63 largemouth that would my big fish for the day. Ryan got his first fish and I added 2 more before we moved on. We then hit a spot where I had caught come smallies that were on beds last week. Ryan caught a small one but the weeds had come up and the beds were scarce. We then moved up and fished shallow where there were fish everywhere. We both filled out out limits and culled a few times.Ryan was catching them on a stick worm and I was getting them on Outkast Finesse Jig or tube. We then moved to Washington during a downpour to fish some other areas I had. We each culled a few more times as we worked down the shore. Just never getting the bigger bites we needed. I was able to cull up 1 last time just as a nasty thunderstorm rolled in and basically killed the last hour of the day. At the end of the day I weighed in 13.53 good enough for 8th place. The 3 I lost early in the day may have added 3 lbs or so so it was not that big of a deal. It just put a little more distance on the points I need to make up. Ryan ended up with 9.80 pounds. Congrats to Steve O on the win with 18.83 and a big bass of 4.37.

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