June 12, 2014

Prior Lake- FOM

Saturday June 7th Steve and I fished the first Fishers of Men tournament of the year. We were on Prior Lake in the south metro. We prefished a couple weeks ago and caught a lot of fish but they were all small and we hoped that things changed a bit since then. The forecast called for thunderstorms to pass through in the morning and showers the rest of the day. They sure nailed the forecast for once as about the time we got to our first spot there was thunder and then the downpour started. We caught a few shorts before Steve put a small keeper in the boat. We kept working back and forth shallow to deep hoping to find some bigger fish. I was catching them on a Outkast Money Jig with various soft plastics. Steve was throwing a finesse jig and catching them as well. We finally put a limit in the boat around 8:30. We then just moved around hoping to find a school of bigger fish. On one stop I caught a small upgrade on an Outkast RT Jig. Steve connected with a 4.13 bass that would be our biggest of the day. We were able to cull out 1 more of the really little ones before heading to weigh in. At the scales we weighed 9.08 pounds. That was good enough for 11th place. We caught a lot of little fish all day long. The future of Prior looks good. We came out of it with a good finish for the points and we hope the the next tournament on the Le Homme Dieu chain on June 21st will be a good one for us.

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