July 25, 2014

FOM-Whitefish Chain

Sunrise over Whitefish
Steve and I headed to Whitefish chain for our 3rd FOM tournament of 2014. The drive up was though a nasty thunderstorm with really heavy rain. As we got Brainard the rain lightened up and the day was looking better. We put in and started the prefish process. Our first two spots were what we thought they were. Catch a few and leave them alone the rest of the day. We moved around hitting some new areas and checking our old stuff. We went to the meeting a drew boat 30 out of 32. We were not to worried as our starting spot is that just a spot. We had a plan of how we wanted to fish the day and it was time to go to work. Steve got us on the board right away with a nice close to 4 pound fish. But that was it nothing more. We worked the area and wondered what was going on. We worked down the weed line over the next hour wondering if we needed to move. Steve then set the hook and called for the net again. This time it was a nice 3 1/2 pound largemouth. We worked the area again with no more bites. It was 9 am and we only had the 2 fish but a couple good ones. We decided to run to our second spot and give that a shot. I finally got a fish for the box on a Outkast Finesse jig. But the fishing was slow. I set into another fish and got number 4 in the box. We fish through the area without another fish. We decided to run back to our starting spot since we were close and we caught bigger fish there. As we pulled up we started  a bit further down the bank and I picked up our 5th keeper. We had our limit but it took 4 hours to get it. We then moved back to the area that Steve got our second fish and he set into a fish he couldn't move. I was waiting with the net not knowing if it was a pike or a bass. Finally we got a look at it and it was a big bass. I netted it and culled out the baby I had just caught. 3 really good fish and 2 so-so fish. We fished through the area again catching a few that would not help. We fired up the big motor and ran to a spot we had found on Friday. We were able to cull up a few more times. We ran back to out starting spot to kill the last hour of the day. We caught a few more but again nothing that would help. We were thinking that we had a good bag but we were going to be just one more good fish short. We weighed in 16.26 pounds and our Big Bass was 4.75 pounds. We sat in first place and then had to wait for about half the field to weigh in. After what seemed like hours everyone had weighted and our weight held up. We had finally got a win in the FOM. Someone did weigh in a 5 lb smallie which beat our 4.75 largemouth to take the big bass honors. We had a tough day with not a lot of bites but the ones we did get we good ones. Steve was the big bass machine on this day and I was a great net man.We caught our fish with a variety of soft plastics and jigs. After the points were posted we moved up to 5th place for the year. We still have a chance. There are 2 tournaments left in the season on N/S Center and Lake Minnetonka.
First Place Whitefish Chain