July 16, 2014

Rush Lake-Renegade Bassers

Sunday morning the Renegade Bassers hit Rush Lake for our 2nd tournament of the year. It was a tough morning as I got back from Alex and had to repack my gear in my boat after spending 2 days in Steve's boat and hitting a grad party on sat night. My partner for the day was AJ Madison. He was worse off than me as he never went to bed Sat night. We started in a reed bed where the week before I had caught some nice fish flippin a punch rig. We made a pas around with only a short fish that AJ got on a swim jig. We then moved to a few more spots that I had got fish the week before. All we could catch were northerns and short fish. As the day wore on I just could not believe that we still had not caught anything. At about noon the weather turned bad and a thunderstorm rolled in and it just downpoured. We fished the last 2 hours in the pouring rain with nothing to show. We both zeroed. It was probably one of the worst tournament I have ever fished. The few good bites I did have I couldn't connect and missed or lost the fish. Not the way I wanted to end the weekend. Time to put it behind me and think about the next tournament for the FOM on Whitefish chain in 3 weeks.
This is what I hoped to do on Rush Lake.

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