July 20, 2010

Green Lake-FOM

I need to get caught up here. It's been a month since I posted anything. So I will do a few here over the next few days. We fished the FOM on Green Lake in Spicer on June 17th. On our practice day of Friday we notice a few fish still on beds. The water was much dirtier than normal which made it hard to spot the bedding fish. The wind was blowing from the southwest at about 20 mph which made it harder to road hunt. We tried a few things in different parts of the lake and decided to start on the same area we started the past few years. We had a middle of the pack draw so we were surprised that we were able to get our spot. Things started out good as we had a double. Steve boated his and mine broke my line at the boat. We then just moved around trying to just get a limit. We finally were able to that and culled up to 11.09 pounds which was good for 23rd place. Our big bass was 3.13. We were able to stay at 11th place in points for the year. Our next FOM tournament is on Lake Minnetonka on July 17th.

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