August 2, 2010


We drew the 32 take off position and were off to our first spot. We got off on the right foot with 4 fish in the first 15 minutes. Steve got 3 on the drop shot and I had 1 on top water. We moved to spot number 2 and quickly got our limit and culled a couple times. we moved around to our different spots and were culling up ounces at a time. We finally made to one of our better spots and with a couple hours to go I set into a good fish. Steve grabbed the net and it just came un done. It was a 4 lb plus fish that would have helped a ton. Made another pass thru and got bit again. This time the fish jumped and threw the lure. Not a good way to end the day. When it was all said and done we weighed 12.74 pounds for 23rd place. We managed to hold on to 8th place in the standings with 2 tournaments to go. We hit Gull Lake on the 7th of August. We hope to have a better finish there. Those 2 lost fish were a killer.

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