August 24, 2010

Green Lake (Spicer)-RB

Green Lake Smallies
On July 24th the Renegade Bassers tournament was held on Green Lake in Spicer. Friday was a prefishing day and I scouted the spots we fished this spring for the FOM. I had limited success at a few of the spots and had some good bites at others. I decided to start on the north end of the lake on a spot that was rocky and had some good drops. Steve also started in that area as well. My draw partner for the day was Mike J, so at least I could get a good laugh all day if we did not catch any fish. I started throwing a Pop-r and it was not long before I was hooked up with a good smallie. mike netted it and I was on the board. We worked down the break and I was working the deeper side. I saw some surface activity and threw at it and another bass just exploded on the Pop-r. After 1 more on the topwater the bite seemed to have died. I started throwing a tube on a Outkast Money Jig. I caught number 4 for the well and Mike caught 2 as well. The action just went away and was time to move. I hit a deep weedline that is better known for largemouth and finally got number 5 for my limit. I caught it on a crankbait and it had 4 or 5 bigger smallies chasing it to the boat. We worked the area and were never able to catch them. The wind really picked up as the day went on. We moved to the south side of the lake which was the windy side to kill the day. With about 20 minutes to go I yelled net and a 3.63 smallie replaced the 2 pound largemouth. At weigh in I weighed 14.72# good for 2nd place. Congrats to Chris A for the win with 17.36 bag of smallmouth and for Big Bass with a 4.47 beauty. The next day we fish on Lake Koronis.

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