September 28, 2010

Lake Koronis-RB

Sunday morning we traveled up the road to Lake Koronis. I had never been on the lake until Friday when we stopped to prefish it for a few hours. On Sunday I had drawn Daryl as my partner for the day. I had two spots that I caught some fish prefishing so we picked a big main lake point to start on. I was starting to question myself on the spot then a 2 1/2 pound smallie destroyed my Chigger Craw. That was it and it was time for move to the other spot. My second spot was of the edge of a large rock and gravel flat. I quickly put 2 largemouth and 2 more smallies in the box for my limit. Daryl was getting frustrated as he was fish less still. We the moved to another point without any action. I asked Daryl if he wanted to hit some docks and we went and hit a stretch. I gave Daryl the front of the boat and it was on. I caught a nice largemouth and was able to cull. Daryl then put 3 in box on the next two docks. I threw to an overhanging willow and pulled another 2 1/2 largemouth for another upgrade. Daryl had caught 2 more for his limit as well. We decided to finish the docks. The next one I pulled a 4.08 largemouth for my big fish of the day. We both caught more as we worked to the end. Daryl was able to upgrade a few times. We then ran to a spot that held some bigger smallies that finally had no boats on it. Daryl whacked a 3 lb smallie and then a 3.83 smallie for his big fish of the day. I was not able to find one and finally it was time to weigh in. The scale said I weighed 13.78# which was good for 2nd place. Daryl weighed 13.17# good for 3rd place. Congratulations to Ozzy for the win with 15.82# and Brian for Big Bass with a dandy 4.78 smallie. Daryl and I had a great day on the water and were able to do so well by changing on the fly. We tried some stuff that had not really paid off on friday. I guess we didn't get stuck on one pattern and kept looking till we found the active fish.


  1. I hope you weren't boxing smallies at the end of September, big no-no since the season was closed for them except catch and release. Don't want you guys to get in trouble.

  2. Or it could just be what your posting date was to, looked like the september 28th was the tournament date.

  3. We fished Koronis in July I just getting the blogs posted now.