October 4, 2010

2010 Viking Tournament-Minnetonka

6.94 Lake Minnetonka Largemouth
Sunday Oct. 3rd my cousin Greg and I fished the Viking Invitational on Lake Minnetonka. Saturday we hit the lake to pre fish and spent the day trying to figure the fish out. We were having little success at doing that till late in the day we found some active fish and hoped they would be still going on Sunday. We had boat 33 at take off and were able to get to our spot and get after them. The fish were still there but not as active as they had been the day before. We got our limit by 9:00 and then started to move around looking for bigger fish. We went to a spot where we had in the past put a few bigger fish in the boat. We worked the area flipping jigs and soft plastics in the reeds. Just about to the end of our run I flipped in and felt the tell tale thump and set into something solid. Before I could yell net, Greg was standing there ready to net it. We got it in the net and a 22" beauty went into the well. It was the biggest bass I have caught in a tournament and one of the biggest I have ever caught. A true Minnesota trophy. We ended the day hitting a few points on the way back to weigh-in and were not able to cull out 2 of the smaller fish we had. At the scales the Big Bass went 6.94 pounds and our total weight was 15.34. We finished in 3rd place and took home the Big Bass pot. What a way to end the 2010 tournament season. Thanks to Greg for being "extreme net man" for the day. The bass was caught on an Outkast Tackle RT jig with a beaver trailer.

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  1. Just found your blog thanks to a link someone gave you at Futurebass.com. Always nice to see another MN Bassin Blog. Nice fish and finish in the Vikings Invitational. I was a Viking Bassmaster for 1 season. Since you are a MN bass fishing blogger, you are automatically entered into my Bass Pundit Minnesocold Bass Bloggers Derby 2010. I will be reading your posts to try to fill your 5 fish limit. Fish caught in Minnesota and not blogged also count if you let me know about them with a comment at one of my blogs or by email basspundit@hotmail.com.