October 12, 2010

FOM-Gull Lake

Steve and I headed to Gull Lake on Friday morning to pre fish for Saturday's tournament. We put in and headed for areas we had each fished before. We caught fish at each stop but finding bigger fish was the days task. It was a task we never really accomplished. We were confidant we were going to get our 5 but getting the kickers we needed was going to be a chore. We had a middle of the pack draw and ran to out starting spot and put 5 in the well to get started. Of the 5 we had only 1 that was decent. We ran to few spots and kept up grading but weren't getting the ones we needed. We went to some new water that we had not fished the day before and Steve tied in to a good one that went 4.16 on the scales but that would be it for the day. We ended up 15th with 11.17 pounds. We fished hard and sorted through a lot of fish. We just never could get another big bite.

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