July 16, 2014

FOM LeHomme Dieu

Steve and I headed to Alexandria  on Fri June 20th to prefish for our next FOM event on the Le Homme Dieu Chain. We started by hitting our spots that usually hold fish and we caught some fish on the first 2 spots so we went looking for new water. We covered the chain north to south catching a few here and a few there. In the end we figured our first 2 spots were the best we had so we decided to concentrate on those on Sat. for the tournament. We had an early boat draw and had no problem getting our spot. The fish were there and we had a limit by 6:30 but they were all small. We bounced around a few spots upgrading a few times but could just not get that big bite we needed. We weighed in 9.93 pounds at the scales which was 20th place. We really did catch a lot of fish but they were all the same size. We never got the 1 or 2 bigger fish you need to move to the top. Time to get home and repack the boat for a club tournament the next day on Rush Lake.

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